#1 Patch von scheffi 19.07.2013 11:40


Der neue offizielle Patch 1.4.8. ist jetzt verfügbar

#2 RE: Patch von scheffi 30.01.2015 23:35


Hallo zusammen
Ein neuer Patch ist da ! Das ist der 1.16.2!
Erhältlich über

Was ist neu ? Siehe Spoiler

64-bit build
New large truck dealer / showroom
Truck fixes: shadows in Scania R, Scania Streamline, Volvo FH16 2012, Renault Magnum 2009 + sideskirts; mirror in MAN TGX, Renault Premium holes and collision
Paintjob fixes: Raven for DAF, MAN, Heavy Duty
Cargo: removed Christmas Gifts, fixed car transporter, fixed helicopter texture and straps
Reduced stalling: bigger memory pool in 64-bit builds, better memory handling, delayed shadow loading, random look selection, sound accessories
Improved memory management on 32-bit OS
Fixed free roam check in the Careerist achievement
Map fixes

#3 RE: Patch 1.17.1! von scheffi 07.05.2015 12:12


Neuer Patch ist erhältlich für die No Steam Fraktion
Was ist neu ?

What's new in this update

New weather and lighting setup
New sounds for DAF XF Euro 6
New drivers, new driver art
Tires and rims turned into independent accessories
Added six-wheeled chassis for both Renault Magnum and Premium
Better support for retina displays (OSX)
Traffic AI behavior improvements
Improved engine performance and stability
Improved support for multi-monitor systems


#4 Update your copy of the game to version 1.18.1! von scheffi 27.05.2015 12:16


What's new in this update

New truck: Mercedes-Benz New Actros
Mercedes-Benz brand is in the game
Improved vegetation (prefab vegetation distances, rebalanced vegetation LODs, more settings)
DRL for Iveco Hi-Way, Mercedes-Benz New Actros, Volvo FH, DAF XF Euro6
New trailer skins
Support for weather-based pedestrian spawning, support for multiple animations
Over a thousand minor fixes in world models and in the map


#5 RE: Update your copy of the game to version! von scheffi 09.06.2015 10:14


What is new in this update [Version]

    fix for occasionally appearing triangle flickering
fix for missing geometry on some Windows XP configurations


#6 New Patch 1.20.1 von scheffi 04.09.2015 13:57


What is new in this update [Version 1.20.1]


GPS route customization
Geographically correct sun position
Enabled support for download of additional hand-picked loading screen images from WoTr. All images can be seen using the "Image Spotlight" feature in "Photo Studio".
Increased traffic density in city areas
Added 'village area' rule to allow specifying urban area without increased traffic density
Fixed non-urban speed limit in UK
Support for spawn_trailer_count attribute of traffic_vehicle_type
Lower probability of spawning an AI truck without a trailer
Fixed license plate definitions switched between bus and trailer
Uses correct wheel position when placing AI trailer wheels on ground
Fixed rear wheels of AI vehicles not being placed on ground in steep hils
Fixed vehicles remaining on wrong way lane after avoiding obstacle in some cases
AI vehicles turn off engine during fueling
Free camera supports inverted mouse (respects the c_minvert input constant)
Changed design of road dialog
Fixed "grave" key not working with some keyboard layouts (e.g. Hungarian)
Separate snapping of nodes and control points
Editor shortcut mapped to bezier patch
Added support for rotation undo for bezier patch control points
Increased node joining tolerance to fix problems with joining nodes far away from center of the map
Grid size shortcut changed from Alt+wheel to Ctrl+wheel
Mercedes Actros 2014: Fixed speedometer in UK variant, Improved interior, Tweaked normal map, Smoothed some hard edges, Shadowcaster tweaks
Iveco Hiway: Smoother horns
DAF XF Euro6: Cleanup of the models
Scania Streamline: DRL
Fixed UV on bulk cement trailer
Fixed missing wheels on brick trailer
Vertex optimizations of AI trucks for DAF Euro6, Man TGX, Scania R
Volvo: Original sound of blinker on/off, Original sound of wipers, Equalization of gear_air sounds for interior
Mercedes Actros, Renault Premium: Fixed armrests missing in the exterior view
Fixed size of wheels
Particles are not generated for lifted wheels
Mirror resolution setting is not disabled on high quality
Longer mirror distances on high and ultra settings
Brake lights activate on slightest pedal touch
Correct turbo sound used on reverse
It is possible to use Steam controller-based keyboard for entering search text in mod manager
Fixed reporting of no-lights offense when driving in rain
Improved compatibility with Windows XP



#7 RE: New Patch 1.21.1 von scheffi 05.10.2015 15:17


Ein neuer Patch ist wieder verfügbar !

Was ist neu ?



Improved reflections in the cabin interior
Fixed spider paintjob from Halloween DLC missing for some variants of DAF Euro 6 cabin
Adjusted external interior for Actros 2009


Added automatically generated Range-Splitter layout for H-Shifter
Improved compatibility with G29 force-feedback
Improved sounds of tires and suspension
Improved sounds for manipulating blinker and brake sticks
Reduced volume of interior stick noises


Compatibility with Cabin Accessories
Workaround for missing geometry on low-end Intel GPUs on OSX
Fixed possible use of incorrect files after switching between profiles with different set of mods
Corrected vegetation sometimes appearing at wrong places in the map
The hud mirror switching key (F2) now enumerates all combinations: both off, only far on, both on, only near on
Improved road collisions


#8 RE: New Game Patch 1.22.2 von scheffi 30.12.2015 16:36


Neuer Patch ist jetzt verfügbar


World of Trucks Contracts feature - now you able take jobs from the World of Trucks website
Tire decals coloring
Simulated tire grades based on european tire grading system (rolling resistance, wet grip, noise levels)
Modified naming scheme of tires
The paint shop was integrated into the standard truck configuration


Improved truck's chassis geometry and adjusted fifth wheel position for most of 6x2, 6x4 chassis's to decrease under steering under full throttle
Multiple fixes of trucks models: Volvo FH16 2012, Volvo FH, Mercedes-Benz Actros, Mercedes-Benz New Actros, Iveco Hi-Way, Iveco Stralis, DAF XF Euro 6, DAF XF 105, MAN TGX, Renault Magnum, Renault Premium, Scania R


When clutch axis is not assigned for H-Shifter transmission, truck will handle clutch itself (much like sequential transmission).
When shifter layout is named (new attribute "name"), the name string is shown in game for better recognition.
Hired drivers are more efficient when equipped by good truck.
User defined limit for length of generated jobs in the offline economy (g_job_distance_limit)
User defined LOD distance for pedestrian, traffic and parked cars; multiplier of default distance (g_lod_factor_pedestrian, g_lod_factor_traffic, g_lod_factor_parked)
Config for disabling "Autoparking" dialogue (g_auto_parking_disabled)
Config for disabling Route Advisor popups when hidden (g_keep_adviser_hidden)
Fixing missing world on low-end GPUs on OSX
Improved physics and stability of trailers (diconnected, parked, AI)

Map and models

Multiple instances of holes, shadow, vegetation placements [see extended log]
Improvements in signs fixes in multiple countries [see extended log]
Many fixes for incorrectly positioned objects [see extended log]
Various models and prefabs fixes and optimizations [see extended log]


User defined traffic density, defined by multiplier to default (g_traffic)
Improved simulation of suspension (leaning in curves or when accelerating/decelerating)
Improved navigation, lane switching, spawning and obstacle checking


New sounds for Volvo FH16 Classic
New sounds for Volvo FH


Higher resolution textures are used on models in UI screens regardless of the graphics settings
Redesigned job and time widget on desktop
Day/night effect switching for movers and walkers


Fixed handling of controller-based virtual mouse in some screens (various adjusters, photo mode)
More actor state is preserved when taking online job (lights, wipers, mirrors)
Fixed pruning of stamps for templated roads
Fixed incorrect reporting of red light offense
Higher resolution textures are used on models in UI screens regardless of the graphics settings
Fixing missing world on low-end GPUs on OSX
Improved stability of parked trailers
Fixed possible missing collision for parked vehicles
Fixed cached information about wheels when leaving truck configuration screen
The braking friction is affected by more factors
H-shifter layout config can contain optional name to display in game options
Enabled normal map support for dif.spec decals
Corrected name of instanced version of shadowonly effect
Improved handling of vegetation
Corrected rotation of particles
Fixed crossfade between high and lowpoly vegetation
Optimized rendering of interior shadows
EU label is supported for tire accessory
Tweaked collision handling in wheel physics
If city-specific license plate could be not generated, country-specific one is used instead
Increased detection range for "red-light" offense.
Automatic cluch is used for h-shifter if no clutch axis is selected
Biased unpacking of tangent space normal maps for exact representation of neutral value
Fixed temporarily missing pieces of world geometry after end of cutscene
Workaround for crash when look or variant specified for prefab is not generated
Fixed possible truncation of localized text in assistance message.
Fixed possible crash related to movers
Fixed rendering of UI shadow for trucks with non-uniform wheels.
Proper rotation of service activation point models
Tweaked icon for tyre labels
Fixed possible artifact in downward looking mirrors (20008)
Fixed possible crash when when updating GPS
Fixed speeding offense when speed limit is not defined
Added speed tolerance to the speeding offense
Flying speed of debug camera can be changed by mouse wheel even in final builds
Changed color of EU tire label text
Tires affect fuel consumption based on real roll resistance
Reduced wet grip of runner tire
Default input setup for Steam controller (to be used with official controller preset)
Improved behavior of the debug console. It is now possible to filter the output to only errors and warnings using Ctrl+Shift
Improved the validation mode to also test model and prefab LODs.
Fixed possibly truncated texts in some adviser strings (broken few builds ago)
Added error messages when non-existent vehicle is specified in parked car/trailer
Fixed distribution of trailer weight
Improved physics handling for parked cars and AI trailers
Improved physical stability of crashed AI vehicles
Fixed wheels of AI trailers at distant parts of the map
Modified naming scheme of tyres
Tweaked pricing and naming of tires
Fixed incorrect color in adviser ETA display
Added power limit to all engines
Fixed value of trailer stability slider not being applied initially
Improved stability of disconnected trailers
Fixed truncation of some UI strings
Fixed inability to re-connect trailer if it got at delivery point in unconnected state (e.g. by pushing)
Walkers and movers check theirs spawning conditions at end of theirs trajectory and can disappear if the conditions are not meet anymore
The paint shop was integrated into the standard truck configuration
Changed the default zoom level for truck configuration
Redesigned the underlying implementation of the truck configuration UI
Disabled physics shapes of the stand for inactive traffic trailers
Position of the interior reflection cube is computed from the cabin position
Fixed missing fake shadow for lower LOD levels of parked vehicles
Large changes to the internal implementation of the sound system, please look for sound related issues
Disabled crash offence reporting for parked trailers
Fixed parked vehicles jumping
All city tooltips are shown on dealer map unless delaer tooltip exists
Fixed sound warping on low/high rpm
Day light detection (for no light offence) is based on sun elevation
Smoother simulation of suspension of AI vehicles
Corrected sorting of jobs by target company
Fixed collision group for static semaphore items
Correct wheel radius used in the powertrain model
Fixed possible downhill sliding of crashed traffic vehicles
Fixed name of mirror reflection texture
Restored order of icons in truck service selection
Tweaked lighting in truck upgrade screen
Tweaked color picker UI
Tweaked truck browser UI design to match the new truck configuration screen
Increased size of loading window to show more from the image
Redesigned job and time widget on desktop
Selection of destination service point for assistance "teleport" is based on position of trailer instead of truck.
Steam overlay for controller based text input is initialized with current state of the text field
Lowered breaking threshold on sign item joints
Improved the interior reflection cubemap
Optimized drawing of parked vehicles
Added support for sound hookup
Optimized technical handling of day/night switching
Fixed lifted wheels not responding to collisions with the ground
Fixed truck materials when switching between desktop and paint shop
Fixed focus handling in driver plate text window
Fixed showing of FF bump slider
Correct wheels damage is included in damage calculation
Day/night effect switching for movers and walkers
Reduced maximal amount of grass on highest grass detail preset
AI drivers are slightly more efficient when equipped with a good truck
Fixed estimation of trailer dimensions
Fixed placement of physics actor for parked cars
Fixed missing all-components group in truck browser panel
Removed truck paint button from company manager (related to moving paint shop into the normal truck configuration screen)
Adjusted vertical position of speed limit sign on dashboard map
Fade-out when teleporting truck on delivery point during online job autopark
Improved LOD selection for AI vehicles.
Lifted center of gravity for AI vehicles
Fixed physical position of parked cars
Corrected cargo prices for cargoes used in online jobs
Modified parameters of cruise control regulator
Tweaks to clutch viscosity
Button layout in truck configurator made less sensitive to resolution changes
Fixed limit of ingame mailbox.
Fixed handling of collision groups
Fixed handling of paintjob achievement
Fixed texture quality selection in some situations
Internal cleanup of the handling of the online jobs
Wheels generate particles only if on ground
Fixed pruning of stamps on roads


Volvo 2012: Fixed incorrect sound configuration file
Added missing FCP look to some trailers
Mercedes 2014: Reduced size of Frozen Cave paintjob from Winter DLC
Hi-Way: Fixed uv mapping in interior
Actors 2009: Fixed clipping on glass toys
Actros 2014: Fixed mirrors
Actros 2014: Fixed missing model of ACC sensor
DAF XF Euro 6: Fixed gap in model
DAF XF Euro 6: Fixed chock blocks
DAF XF Euro 6: Fixed length of 6x sideskirts
DAF XF Euro 6: Missing ACC and LWS in external interiors
DAF XF Euro6: Fixed duplicate halloween spider paintjob for b version of the cabin
Fixed driver position in Uk version of traffic Volvo XC 60
Fixed floating rear plate
Fixed missing wippers and chains on some cargoes
Hiway: Fixed uv map on sideskirts
MAN: Fixed missing shadow for ACC sensor
Renault Magnum: Fixed gap
Scania R: Fixed side lights
Volvo FH: Fixed double shadow of front mirror in UK version
Volvo FH16 2012: Updated sounds
Actros 2009: Moved glass set locator
FH16 2012: Fixed name of sound file for failed start of the engine
DAF Euro6: Fixed carpaint uvs
Stralis: Fixed UV mapping
Fixed wrong mapping for AI car
Removed baked lights from tire texture
Fixed UV mapping for wheels
Fixed missing light on universal trailer
Enabled texture compression on some textures
Actros 2014: Raised fifth wheel
Daf Euro6: Lowered fifth wheel
Volvo FH16: Moved position of glass toy set
DAF Euro6: Fixed UV mapping
Enabled compression for various paintjob textures
Chain textures in overweight trailer
Volvo 2012: New sounds for 750 Engine
Actross 2014: Changed material on bed rim
AI Opalin: Adjusted wheel texture and seat geometry
New chains and updated textures for various cargoes on overweight trailer
Daf XF: Fixed maximal AI speed
Volvo: Changed volume of 500 Engine sounds
Tweaked wheel locators on Mercedes 2014, Mercedes 2009, DAF Euro 6, DAF XF, Man TGX, Scania Streamline
Fixed missing torque values for AI Daf vehicles
Stralis: Moved glass set locator
Volvo FH16 2009: Adjusted position of fifth wheel and fenders for 6x4
Renault Magnum 2009: Adjusted position of fifth wheel and fenders
Streamline: Adjusted height of rear fenders
DAF XF: Fixed toy locator in UK exterior
Streamline: Fixed missing shadows
Man TGX: Adjusted fift wheel
DAF XF: Adjusted fift wheel
DAF XF Euro6: Adjusted fift wheel
Iveco HiWay: Adjusted fift wheel and fenders for 6x4
Iveco Stralis: Adjusted fift wheel and fenders for 6x4
Fixed kingpin height for Schmitz universal trailer
Iveco Stralis: Chasis for 6xN setups was extended by 20cm
Mercedes Actros 2009: Adjusted fifth wheel and fenders for 6x4
Mercedes Actros 2014: Adjusted fifth wheel and fenders for 6x4
Renault Premium: Adjusted fifth wheel and fenders for 6x4
Volvo FH16: Adjusted fifth wheel and fenders for 6x4
Scana R: Adjusted fifth wheel and fenders
Scana Streamline: Adjusted fifth wheel and fenders
Added missing ITCC look to the trailer
Fixed roof UV mapping for Krone and Schmitz trailers
Adjusted ITCC paintjob
Volvo 2012: Fixed rear lights
Volvo 2012: Fixed fuel tank texture
Streamline: Adjusted sideskirts and fenders to match each other
DAF XF Euro6: Fixed position of fifth wheel
DAF XF: Fixed position of fifth wheel


Fixed AI trailers sliding in areas far from the center of the map
Various other fixes and tweaks
Removed random spawn delay
Fixed invalid spawn density calculation outside cities in some cases
Improved navigation
Improved lane switching
Changed method used to calculate spawn frequency
Improved spawning
Fixed AI vehicles not braking in time in some cases
Improved prediction of player path
Fixed safety check while overtaking in some cases
Fixed vehicle remaining blocked in some cases
Tweaked default gearbox and torque values for AI cars
Tweaked handling of vehicle spacing
Fixed possibly stuck roadworks lights
Improved avoiding of road blocks
Introduced non-uniformity to spawning to create 'windows' on roads with high traffic density
Fixed vehicles unnecessarily waiting too long at intersections in some cases
More gradual start and end of traffic "windows"
Improved safety of lane changes
Improved handling of AI lines
Improved obstacle checking
Improved simulation of suspension (leaning in curves or when accelerating/decelerating)
Fixed incorrect detection of speed limit in some cases
Allow waiting vehicles inside a traffic-light-controlled crossroad to clear it before vehicles from other directions come
Fixed incorrect handling of rules during vehicle reversing
AI vehicles are ignoring some static world collisions during reviving
Improved wheel collision detection for crashed cars
Improved 'urban speed limit' detection to allow bigger tolerance for mismatching traffic area and city start/end traffic signs
Fixed use of horn at moving obstacles
Fixed handling of priorities
Fixed rare crash when leaving road crossing rule without a valid mover object
Fixed initial speed for AI trailers
Fixed overtake safety detection for roads with multiple lanes
Improved handling of vehicle spacing
Fixed priority handling in some cases
Improved detection and handling of "lane suitability"
Fixed speed limit detection in some combinations of "urban area" and "city start/end" rules
Fixed loading of semaphore map action
Fixed initial placement of physics actor
Improved lane suitability check


Improved export and import of selection
Gizmo is shown in center of the selection
Sign editor/content browser uses first sign variant if variant is not specified
Free camera can be zoomed using mouse wheel
Improved behavior of box selection
Box selection works in free camera
Free camera only shows pins in some distance from it
Fixed visualization of locked state of some locked items in find references dialog
Tweaked sorting by locked status in find references dialog
Improved handling of view distances in to top view
Fixed mouse position handling for city pin move tool
Fixed vegetation drawing in content browser
Added 'missing input/output curve' check to connection checker
Fixed drop to ground
Export function exports all items
Import selection converted to import tool
Box selection tool captures mouse
Improved moving of items using the arrow keys
'Company look' flag is supporteded for parked trailers
Improved highlighting of nodes
Some important map inconsistency errors are reported in UI instead of just into the error log.
Support for batch replace of road template edges
Improved handling of bezier patches
Fixed limit check in F3 dialog
Fixed item deletion if two prefabs are connected
Updated items are automatically marked as viewed after some time
Made possible to change minimap in the free camera mode
Drop free camera is now a menu item
Number of stamps on bezier patch are shown in tooltip info


Disabled unnecessary skinning on ferryboat model
Tweaked collisions and added anchor locator to sign models
Fixed collisions on prefab
Many generic assets moved from DLC Scandinavia to base game
Corrected truck curves on some prefabs
Reexported some models and prefabs as rigid ones: cargo_props_bag01, cargo_props_bag02, cargo_props_bevbox01, cargo_props_bevbox03, cargo_props_bevbox04, cargo_props_mix01, cargo_props_mix02, cargo_props_pallet01, cargo_props_pallet02, cargo_props_pallet03, cargo_props_pallet04, cargo_props_redbox01, cargo_props_redbox02, cargo_props_redbox03, sculpture_1, sculpture_2, concert_red_blinking flare, radio_tower_01, radio_tower_01a, radio_tower_02, radio_tower_04, radio_tower_05, stones03, dirt_01, dirt_02, road_level_6_barrier
Moved more generic assets from DLC Scandinavia to base.
Improved navigation curves for small crossroads
Big unification of file names of Scandinavia models and prefabs
Fixed semaphore id on cross prefab
Fixed boundary nodes
Fixed intersection priorities on cross prefab
Tweaked AI curves for large vehicles on some cross prefabs
Moved wind powerplant prefab to base
Tweaked specular texture on Green tractor
Moved stop point on cross prefab template
Some signs moved from Scandinavia DLC to base
Administrative and shop building model moved from Scandinavia DLC to base
Fixed collision on some bridge railings
Moved some wall models from Scandinavia DLC to base game
Removed incorrect sign locators from uk cross prefab.


Austria: Fixed shadow
Austria: Fixed signs hidden behind vegetation
Belgium: Fixed hole in the map
Belgium: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
Belgium: Fixed vegetation
CZ: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
CZ: Fixed signs
CZ: Fixed vegetation
Denmark: Fixed collision
Denmark: Fixed hole in the map
Denmark: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
Denmark: Fixed vegetation
France: Fixed artifacts
France: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
France: Fixed vegetation
Germany: Fixed artifacts
Germany: Fixed hole in the map
Germany: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
Germany: Fixed signs
Germany: Fixed vegetation
Hungary: Fixed hole in the map
Hungary: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
Hungary: Fixed vegetation
Italy: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
Netherlands: Fixed artifacts
Netherlands: Fixed hole in the map
Netherlands: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
Norway: Fixed hole in the map
Norway: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
Norway: Fixed vegetation
Norway: Tweaked traffic area for roundabout junction
Poland: Fixed hole in the map
Poland: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
Poland: Fixed vegetation
Slovakia: Fixed vegetation
Sweden: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
Sweden: Fixed traffic signs
Sweden: Fixed tree in the road between Kalmar and Linkoping
Sweden: Fixed vegetation
Sweden: Tweaked traffic area settings for Goteborg car factory
Switzerland: Fixed vegetation density
UK: Fixed inappropriate type of machinery
UK: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
UK: Fixed signs
UK: Fixed vegetation
Fixed sign template in Scandinavia
CZ: Fixed train crossing
Sweden: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
Sweden: Fixed signs
Fixed slave table item errors reported in map
Sweden: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
Sweden: Fixed hole in the map
Sweden: Fixed vegetation
Norway: Fixed sign
Norway: Fixed vegetation
Switzerland: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
Switzerland: Fixed vegetation
Denmark: Fixed missing light model in traffic signs
Sweden: Fixed incorrectly positioned objects
Sweden: Fixed vegetation
Denmark: Fixed vegetation
Norway: Fixed hole in the map
Norway: Fixed signs
Sweden: Fixed vegetation
Denmark: Fixed incorrect signs
Rebuild spawn points in map to fix consistency errors


Volvo FH16: New engine sounds for Volvo
Support for engine brake sounds mixed from more samples
Changed motor brake definitions to the new format

#9 New Game Patch von scheffi 20.04.2016 22:57


PC-Patch V1.23.1.1-Changelog:
User Interface
-Strafen können abgeschaltet werden
-Navigationsroute (rote Linie) kann abgestellt werden
-Route Advisor-Popups können ausgeschaltet werden
-Autopark-Feature kann abgeschaltet werden
-Warnleuchte bei Geschwindigkeitsübertretung auf dem Route Advisor

-Verbesstere Trucksatbilität während der Verwendung des Retarders
-Smart Cruise Control kann die Motorbremse einsetzen wenn kein Retarder vorhanden ist
-Umfangreichere Simulation der Schaltung
-Reale Anordnung der Gänge (Scania, Volvo, ZF). Zur Aktivierung muss ein neues Profil verwendet werden oder die eigenen H-Shifter-Belegungen gelöscht werden.


Zitat Quelle

#10 RE: New Game Patch von scheffi 04.07.2016 20:54


So ein neuer Patch ist verfügbar für Euch.

PC-Patch V1.24.2.1-Changelog:
-Improved external jobs support in game (direct control, freight market).
-Physically simulated truck and trailer coupling (option).

-Blinker auto off can be disabled (option).
-Speeding highlight can be disabled (option).
-Cabin accessory physics does not require DLC anymore.
-Torque converter simulation greatly improved.
-Automatic transmission behavior improved.
-XInput support added - custom support for XBox controller.
-Added UI support for 4th and 5th controller.
-Gear shift selectors (range, split) now have UI support for position-based switches.

-Scania trucks reworked.

-Unit name fixes, most interior accessory and some other mods need update.
-Damage params moved out from game_data.sii and some more added (including wear and part damage factors).
-Data driven engines (torque curve, rpm limits).
-Force feedback data for XInput added (force_feedback.sii).
-Torque converter physics data added, separated manual clutch data (physics.sii).
-Data change from driven wheel to driven axle.
-Added check for internal camera continuity.

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